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10 amazing makeup tips you would never heard off!


Makeup is something that makes you confident and flawless. In addition, knowing the right makeup trick cans me you tackle all the situations that every day throws at you.  Going all decked up can be difficult in daily use so this article will list you top 10 amazing beauty tricks that you have never heard off. Following these tricks will only take few minutes of your time to give you the perfect morning look that you always wanted.

1 Tips for the eye 

Tip 1: Make use of a good eyeliner along with an expensive brush.  Start by doing the outer lash line and slowly move inward. Please note that while you move into the inner lash line, end the line at 2/3 before you reach the inner circle

Tip 2:  After you have completed tip 1 successfully, it’s time for the eye shadow. For this use, any skin-toned or peach eye shadow since it eliminates the use of the primer to save time.

Tip 3: To hide the dark circles under your eyes, please ensure that you a different concealer which is of a different shade that you used in your face.

2Tips for lips

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Tip 4: Make use of liquid lipstick than normal ones. This keeps moisture on your lips for a longer period of time. Now when you use liquid lipstick your Lips can seem parched. In order to avoid this problem, it is recommended to beauty experts to use traditional cream lipstick first and then make the use of liquid lipstick over it.

Tip 5:  In order to get perfect red lips, please make the use of neutral-toned foundation and to even out any discoloration that is present in your skin. This makes you red lips shine like never before.

3Tips for good skin 

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Tip 6: Most of the people while choosing the foundation makes use of the hand or the arm to find the perfect shade. This is wrong because the skin shade of your face may be different from your hand. To avoid this test the foundation on your jawline and then crosscheck by appearing in the sunlight.

Tip 7: Using the foundation blush for blending is no longer preferred.  Instead use a makeup sponge to blend the foundation around the nose, eyes, hairline and the jaw area.

Tip 8: Some people have different coloration of skin on different parts of the face. Thus it is recommended to use a primer so that all you have a one particular skin tone. For best results use a wrinkle remover primer under the eye and some oil reducing primer for T zone

4Tips for blush 

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Tip 9: Instead of using blush, try using the lip color of your choice on your cheeks.  Don’t overuse it because if you do that, it will look fake. Finally, blend the lip color with your finger.