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5 Body Signals Which Might Lead To a Heart Attack


The main function of the heart is to circulate blood, which carries oxygen throughout the body. It works round the clock. Due to certain medical conditions, if this circulation ceases then the heart muscle begins to die. This is termed as a heart attack. If proper medical treatment is received during that short time-span the chances of survival are heavy.

Are there any symptoms wherein we can know in advance the signs of a heart attack?

Well, you will never find any concrete answer to this, but yes, there are certain signals your body gives. These are to be analyzed properly because not every signal leads to a heart attack.Here is the list of 5 signals, which can help in early diagnoses of the heart attack:

5Loss Of Balance Or Giddiness

You should not ignore these signs though there can be various other reasons for giddiness or fainting. You have done lots of physical work at one stretch, or less food and fluid intake, or not eating at all, might make you lightheaded. But, if there is a sudden drop in your blood pressure the weak heart will not be able to pump out enough blood supply to your brain. You have to thoroughly get yourself checked from the specialist.