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7 Daily Food Items Should Never Be Refrigerated


Usually, the shelf life of most of the food items increases when they are refrigerated between 10 to 30 centigrade (350 and 380 Fahrenheit). Harmful bacteria cannot reproduce at that temperature. In fact, frozen food items (below zero degrees) can be used even after one year as well! Thus, the refrigerator reduces food wastage and spoilage. You might be astonished to know that refrigerating certain food items – raw or cooked – may reduce their nourishing contents, alter the taste or might completely change the original food consistency?
Yes, the following is the list of those daily food items, which should never be refrigerated:


It is one of the most temperature-sensitive vegetables when compared with the rest of the vegetables in its family. You should always keep eggplant at room temperature only. Also, it should be secluded from other vegetables and fruits. This plant cannot sustain temperature below 100 Centigrade that is 500 Fahrenheit. Not only there is deterioration in the taste but reduced temperature damages its pulp consistency as well.