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7 Fabulous Uses Of Pumpkin – After Halloween!


Can Halloween be called a Pumpkin Season? Lots and lots of carving are in the process when you reading this piece of article. Tons of imaginations are rolling out across the world as Halloween is approaching. Is pumpkin useful only to make a creepy statuette during Halloween? The answer is NO – as a pumpkin is full of nutrients that will enhance your immunity and fight against all the bacterial infections! It is a seasonal fruit, hence make maximum use of pumpkin in various ways and exhibit your culinary and artistic side to your friends and relatives.

Yes, you can use Pumpkin as a health-beneficial ingredient throughout the season!

7Pumpkin Face Skin Protection Mask

The main nutrients in pumpkin are Zinc, Antioxidants and rich amounts of Vitamin A & D. All these contents are skin-friendly thus protect the development of wrinkles and age spots. A perfect mix of pumpkin puree and raw honey blended with egg and essential oil will give you this ultimate face-skin protection mask. After putting on your face let it dry for 30 minutes. Wash it with cold water.