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7 Symptoms of Prediabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore


Is your body susceptible to get diabetic within few months?

How will I know?

Susceptible To Diabetes means – you are not diagnosed with diabetes but still, your blood sugar levels are high. They cross the normal level and hence termed as you are susceptible to diabetes or you have reached a Prediabetic Condition’!

Out of the blue, is it impossible for anyone across the world to know whether he or she is suffering from a Prediabetes? How will you know whether you have fallen prey to Prediabetes or vulnerable to Diabetes?

Do you know our body talks to us?

It gives you various Indications every day, which can help you to draw some concrete conclusions to whether you are suffering from Prediabetes or not, provided you analyze these Indications accurately.

Read further very carefully to understand the 7 most vital body Indications, which will help you to analyze whether you are prone to Prediabetes or not!

7 Increase In Your Belly Size

Increase in your weight is directly related to the growth of your stomach fat. If your belly size is increasing disproportionately compared to the rest of your body you are at the border of Prediabetes. With this kind of weight gain, the pancreas is strained more to release extra insulin. And the insulin that is produced cannot perform its job efficiently, which might lead you to Prediabetes.