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9 Commanding Recipes To Battle Against Common Cold!


Though winter, as a season has its own benefits, as it comes with several-health related issues. Most of the people across the world are prone to Common Cough & Cold infection. Basically, these occur when our body resistance dips down and cannot fight back the germs and bacteria’s that attack our body. In other words, our immunity system is weakened. There are many ways to improve the body immunity by medication or consulting a dietician for a balanced diet.

Is there any other better and cheap way instead of piling up the stock of prescribed medicines?

It is said that nature has all the remedies for all types of diseases. You should know how to unlock these remedies. Ayurveda is one of the most powerful sciences based on the natural remedies. You need not study those 10,000 pages of Ayurveda book for years together; instead we are giving you 9 highly nutritious recipes that will surely reduce your common cold and most of the winter-prone diseases.

11Likeable Smoothies To Smash Your Cold

Assimilating nutritious ingredients like spinach, berries, coconut water and seasonal vegetables into a power packed smoothie is the most perfect health snack that will relieve you from common cold. By adding ginger not only enhances its taste but even increases its anti-inflammatory powers.