Best iPhone Apps for Weight Loss

Best iPhone Apps to Lose Weight

Did you know you can use an iPhone App to help you lose weight? It’s true.

To help lose weight, many people find that using an iPhone app really helps.

(Combine using an iPhone app or fitbit to lose weight with a Facebook friend and add a sensible diet and AMAZING things can happen!)

Maybe it’s just me, but both diet and exercise seem more fun when you’re with someone else not actually thinking about weight loss.

Like if I do Zumba, dance,shoot hoops or play tennis; it feels like I’m out having fun and not EXERCISING, get it?

At least i’m not moping around or thinking about making-up with my ex! (LOL)

Anyways, for me, dieting seems more fun when you can chat with a friend about what you are doing, yet have fun losing weight at the same time! Does that make any sense to you?

Below is an iPhone app or two to give you an idea about how to burn-da-fat and lose weight.

Since the iPhone app is incredibly easy to use and approaches weight loss in an easy way, it might work for you!

iPhone app weight loss

iSPINNING iPhone apps

Biking and spinning enthusiasts listen up, some websites will let you create a workout so that you can track your heart rate,  calories burned, and speed via your iPhone. You want to measure for distance, and power too? These iSpinning apps will do it.

There are several iSpinning apps – some offer a number of fitness sensors, and allows a user to customize his or her workout although you may need additional hardware in order to create a wireless bridge between your iPhone or iPad and the fitness sensor.

There are several (including Peleton) listed here!


lose weight with iPhone

Free BMI iPhone app

Looking to calculate your body fat percentage? (aka BMI)  This app might be right up your alley.

Just select your sex, weight, and waist measurement and then wait.  Plus, it’s FREE! Um, this can’t be right, can it?

Lose Belly Fat

This app claims to help you lose Belly Fat.


If you need to take a quick heart rate census during or after a tough workout, use this heartbeat app (found on the App Store) to help you manually track your heart beats per minute (bpm).

Over 35 million users of this app can’t be wrong, can they?

To calculate your heart’s bpm, just tap the heart on the screen every time your heart beats — it’s that easy. The app would be incredibly cool if it could automatically calculate your heart rate, but it still is a handy tool for heart rate monitoring on the run.

sitting won't lose weight

iPhone app to lose weight final thoughts

Obviously using an iPhone app doesn’t melt the fat from your bottom without getting up from your laptop or stepping away from the table and eating less/ exercising more.

But an iPhone app might help you stop from munching on a bon-bon at 11:00 p.m. by checking the calories. Try it with a Facebook friend and see what happens!

Also, check out this (paid program) FAT-BURNING-FURNACE as I hear this program has gotten some good results! (Personally, it’s kinda pricey for me but the value of it is it teaches you how to retrain your brain to keep the weight off permanently.) But my sister swears by this program

Posted onAugust 25, 2011AuthorMargaret Martin

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